Paper Mario 2

I appear to be stuck. Although I went down the well, there didn’t seem to be anything I could do down there, except push a door forwards and backwards. Goombella says I should “leave it for now”, so I wondered if I’d missed anything inside the Creepy Steeple main building. I can’t see anything to so, and tried hitting and blowing everything, but nothing happened. I can’t see any obvious markings anywhere either. I must have missed something somewhere, I suspect.

Mario 64DS

Had a quick go at catching rabbits to unlock more minigames. I realised that you actually have to catch each rabbit four times, as catching one with Yoshi only unlocks a Yoshi minigame. This could be tedious.

The seven minigames I unlocked are pretty good, but nothing special. There’s a pelmanism game, using sounds not pictures, two of those grid-of-squares and touching one inverts it and the surrounding ones type games, which I hate, although most of these are pretty easy. Played each for a bit.

Anarchy Online

Took my new character out for a spin, and spent an hour and some minutes teaming with Los Reverandes from the ugv* groups. We left Newbie Island as it seemed to exist in multiple dimensions, meaning we had to talk Across the Void, but then met up properly in Old Athen. Got a house, and killed lots of Leets and Eleets and stuff. The Rev died a few times, because he isn’t as grate as me. Obviously. Then we went shopping together. I didn’t hold his hand, although he did ask. And I gave him all my money.

Anarchy Online

For a change, and to see if I could catch up with any of the ugv* n00bs, I created a new character and started again. Decided to be a Soldier this time, and it’s a hell of a lot easier! You get a weapon that kills most of the Beach Leets and Island Reets in one hit for a start. And you get a nanoprogram that bumps your Max HP up by 20 for half an hour or so. Got up to Level 3 really quickly. Didn’t see any ugv* people though.

Paper Mario 2

I haven’t played this for a while (Pikmin 2 got in the way), so had a go this evening. I’m in Twilight Town, and have worked my way to the Creepy Steeple and wandered inside. Of course, you have to go down the well outside, don’t you? Had a quick look in there and decided it could wait for another time. Saved and quit for now.

Mario 64DS

Well. I’m “compensating” with the controls. That means I’m still annoyed with them, but I’m only doing levels I absolutely have to, or levels that don’t requite such precision. Six lives lost to the first Bowser level then, as it is too hard to use the camera and control Mario at the same time. Managed it in the end, however. I also went and got the first star in Shifting Sand Land, and drained the water from the basement. Caught a rabbit too, who had a key that unlocked another minigame – one that is a variation on another one. From the positioning of the “button” to select this game, it looks like there are something like 64 games in total, of which I have, er, 9. Best get on that then.

Run Baby Run

It’s an RZX recording frenzy at the moment, so I’ve been trying to beat my personal best. I haven’t fared to well, sadly, as the pressure of recording my gameplay makes me mess it up. However, I have managed a score of 3146, and here’s the RZX to prove it. Weak.

Mr Driller: Drill Spirits

Hurrah! I’ve managed to do 500m, with Puchi, without any items. Go me! Sadly, 1000m is plainly impossible so I’m off to have a cry whilst my DS recharges.

Run Baby Run: Cold as Ice

I’ve been honing my skills a little on my new Run Baby Run levels. I’m not sure I’ve managed to create levels as good as the original (although, I’ve only had a week to play with the new ones, and twenty years to master the old ones!), but they’re all certainly playable. I’m alarmed at how similar Green Acres is to Bolton Gas Works, even though it wasn’t intentional. I think it may just play like it, rather than look like it.

You can download it here, and get a decent Spectrum emulator to run it from here.

Mr Driller: Drill Spirits

I’m still stuck on that bloody 500m level. I’ve tried with Susumu and Puchi, and have managed to get to 476m today, but then I die. My problem, is that I can’t figure out how to get air that is surrounded by blocks you can’t dig (well, you can dig them, but you lose air doing so). More practice required, I suspect.

Mario 64DS

Still sticking with it, despite the problems I’m having with the controls. Have I mentioned the problems with the controls? They’re awful.

Rescued Mario, which has improved things a little. Yoshi just doesn’t feel “right” for the game. I’ve now got 16 Stars, and so went and had a crack at the first Bowser boss. Not that I could even reach him, as the terrible controls make the tricky platform section before him bloody hard. Grr!

Mario 64

No, not 64DS, the proper one. I went back to this for a bit today just to make sure my brain wasn’t deceiving me, and well, I was mostly right. The graphics are not as good as I recall, but they’re still better than the DS version. The controls are spot-on too.

If only the DS had an analogue stick of some kind…


Oh dear, Nintendo. What have you done? Mario 64 was one of the best games ever created. Better in many ways than Mario Sunshine, even. But this DS port is awful – ruined almost entirely by the dreadful controls. The digital pad is no good for the tight turns and run-speed control required, and the touch screen isn’t responsive enough and awkward to use.

Played it for a good two hours today, and it hasn’t “clicked” yet. I have 8 stars so far, but have run round much of the castle and open levels. I just can’t get into it.

On the plus side, the mini-games are good fun, but ultimately shallow and not worth buying the game for. Oh well.

Mr Driller: Drill Spirits

Had another few goes on this today. It still isn’t much easier! Managed to complete 500m, but only because I bought a “one hit shield” item. Having said that, I had a life spare at the bottom so I could have done it. Unlocked Puchi as a result, and completed 300m with him. Also had a go at Pressure Driller mode, which is even more frantic than Mission Driller. Managed to defeat the 200 ton baddie, and nearly got past the 300 ton one, but died. Again.


But it’s not over yet! I finished the cave with the nasty thing on rollers, which was much easier in the end than it seemed. Got a few treasures in there, but not many. I then went back to one of the first caves I’d done, but not got everything in – Hole of Beasts – and completed it. The amount of treasure I got from there was enough to finish the game!

However, after that, you can carry on playing, and it opens another level up. I had a quick go in there, and found it crammed full of nasty baddies. Not nice. I then went on and did a couple of the Challenge Mode levels.