Maniac Mansion (NES): COMPLETED!

Oh! I had everything I needed! All I had to do was show the purple tentacle the police badge, and I had access to the main lab, and Dr. Fred, and the big off switch!

Wendy saved, plot foiled, game overed!

Shadowgate (NES): COMPLETED!

Never done that before! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever got further than the Room of Fire With The Firedrake In before now. Mind you, I haven’t played it for probably 10 years or more, so I could be putting down my younger self, intelligence-wise.

Some really obtuse puzzles marred it a bit, and the constant burning out of torches (although I found if you don’t die, they last longer) was a pain as I felt rushed, but overall it was enjoyable and I feel like I’ve achieved something in completing it. Not least because I won the King’s daughter at the end. Aces!

Earth Defense Force 2017 (360): COMPLETED!

Well, level 52 threw pretty much EVERYTHING at me – every type of baddie yet seen (aside from the huge walker and dino-mechs), all at once, and then sent in a second wave just as I thought it was all over. But I managed it, after a few attempts, and then it was finally time to take down the mothership. And take it down I did.

Of course, it seems the whole of the rest of the world has been totally destroyed, and virtually every EDF soldier is now dead (aside from Storm 1, of course), so I’m not really sure what that achieved. But anyway – completed!

And, just for fun, I then tried the first level on Easy (and it was a walkover), Inferno (impossible, as even the drone ants take two full rifle clips to kill – each, and two hits from their acid makes me die) and then Hard (which was easy).

Pac-Man CE (360): COMPLETED!

Went after the final achievement to finish off the game this evening. I needed to get 400,000 points, and had been informed that Extra 3 was the mode to choose to do that. And indeed it was, as I managed it on my first attempt, reaching 448,000 with some ease.

So that’s all the modes survived, and all the achievements got. Winnar!

Kameo: Elements of Power (360): COMPLETED!

Dear Rare: Please give me the nine hours and thirty-three minutes I spent on your awful game back. KTNX, love deKay xxx

I have very little good to say about this game. But I’ll try. Well, the number of things going on at once is pretty good, but that only adds to the atmosphere, and doesn’t change the gameplay. Dull, linear, tedious, surprise-free, awkward gameplay.

Lord Drok (is that his name? Big metal bloke with mallet) was easy, but took aaaaages to kill as he was so awkward. After that, there was an airship level (why do so many end of game baddies have airships?), which was pretty crap. Then, finally, a fight with Thorn. He took ages to kill too, as his energy bar went down reeeeeaaaaaalllllyy sloooooooooooowly. Until I thought I’d actually use some of the fruit I’d been collecting and fed them to Thermite to upgrade his powers. And then Thorn was stupidly easy and died so fast I didn’t even get all the cut scenes with Kalus summoning stuff.

And the end was a bit abrupt. It seems to imply a sequel (Jesus, no), as there are loose ends, namely Mystic who just disappeared. Seems to me like instead of finishing the game properly, they just cut it a level short and made it look like they plan a follow up. If they do, it’ll no doubt be 2014 before we see it…

As an aside, my Gamescore now stands at 11101. I need to find an achievement to get for 10 points!

Lego Star Wars II (360): COMPLETED!

It might only be three days of play, but my saved game says 12 hours. Cripes.

So I finished off Episode VI. The first three missions were really long, but the final couple were really short – a fight with the Emporer, and a Millenium Falcon strike on the new Death Star. And after that? It was complete!

However, there’s more to collect and stuff. So I went back to Episode IV, Chapter 1, and completed it in Free Play with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Ace.

Eledees (Wii): COMPLETED!

Most of today’s levels (from 13-ish up to 29, the final one) took place in a theme park, with rides and stuff. And lots of giant biscuits, chess pieces and dice. No, really.

I had two bosses to contend with too – a big fat one who kept collecting baubles off a Christmas tree to power up, and then bellyflop me, and then, after the last few levels (during which I managed to lift entire fairground rides!) it was the end of game boss.

Who, as is commonplace so often now, came in two forms. The first one was easy to dispatch, requiring you to just smack it with scenery a bit. The second form was also pretty simple, if a little odd. The boss entered the body of a giant robot, complete with guns. You have to unscrew all the giant bolts holding it together, literally with a screwing motion of the remote. Ace.

Anyway, he was soon killed, and the end of game sequence ensued. BEST!

Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 (DS): COMPLETED!

Yeah, already. But it’s impossible to put down, isn’t it? Besides, I’ve only done it on Medium and the real game isn’t until Hard.

But I loved it. Every single track is fantastic, the final “level” is suitably epic, and it’s basically Ouendan++. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (360): COMPLETED!

Into the Casino I went, and collected loads of skate pieces and chips, before making the mad dash back to the ranch avoiding the police. Which was really easy. I’m convinced it was bloody hard last time, but obviously not.

Either that or I have Mad Sk8 Skillz now.

And that was it. Green Pipes Point was mine (or rather, Iggy’s), and the credits rolled. Hurrahs!

Crackdown (360): COMPLETED!

None of the remaining Shai Gen generals were that difficult to defeat, although the guy in the big dome thing took a few attempts, and the geneticist was difficult to reach (although not kill) as I missed an entrance to his “prison” complex. The kingpin was alarmingly simple, but then, I did skip most of his skyscraper by entering near the top instead of from the bottom.

And that all netted me three more achievements, and I gained another for killing loads of gang members with explosives and another for Rampage, which I don’t quite understand.

The ending had a twist, although I’ve played enough games now to expect what the twist actually was, so it didn’t come as a surprise.

Overall, a great game. I will probably go back to max out my stats, but I don’t think I can be bothered with all the races and stunts.

Mutant Storm Reloaded (360): COMPLETED!

It seems I hadn’t actually completed this previously. I thought I had, but it seems I’d only reached level 60-something. Obviously, I then had to do something about that!

So I did, and lo, I completed it. Level 87 seemed to be the hardest one in the whole game (I died completely there several times), with 89 being mercifully easy (I didn’t have any spare bombs or lives at that point). What aceness. I even managed to net two more achievements today. Go me!

After all that excitement, I had a go on Tally Mode, but I’m not sure of the point. You play one level, then stop? Then play the next? But you get scored on a per-level basis? I don’t understand why.

3D Ultra Minigolf (360): COMPLETED!

Had much better luck with on the Explorer course today, managing to finish with 7 under par. I was actually 15 under par way through the first day, but that stupid carnival level with the card suits that flash over a hole messed up on me, as I kept rebounding off the hole, or got stuck in it only to be launched over the course entirely. Rubbish.

Having done that, I moved on to Adventurer, which is two days of all 36 holes. After day one, I was at 7 under, but I finished at just -1 on the second and final day as once again the carnival card hole dropped me 8 shots. Grr!

But, all done now – just in time for more XBLA release goodness tomorrow!

Contact (DS): COMPLETED!

I know I haven’t played this in almost two months, but other things arrived and got in the way. Anyway. Today I played it for about two or three hours, which was long enough to finish the next few islands and complete the game!

Harbira Island was fantastic. A giant shop full of nerdy pop-band fanboys, complete with geek dialogue and two arcade games which you play as yourself. As in, a racing game where you run round the track. And fight the cars.

Overall, a really good, original, funny and bizarre RPG.

Guitar Hero II (360): COMPLETED!

In that, I’ve reached the end of Medium. Overall, it seems waaaaay easier than the first game, as I didn’t fail a single track. A few at the end (Psychobilly Freakout for one) are bloody difficult, but I have at least 3 stars on every track.

I then realised I hadn’t done the training, so did that to learn how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs – I can’t quite get the hang of them, but I think I’ll get there. Mastering them is the key to better scores and accuracy, it seems. Especially for fast songs. Practised a few tracks to try the “bass guitar” mode, and to have a go with these new-to-me techniques.

After that, I started working my way though Easy, and got my first perfect (and achievement to match!). Hard mode scares me.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360): COMPLETED!

Super marathon session today, resulting in the end of the Shivering Isles expansion pack and questline. I’m classing it as a separate game to Oblivion, in terms of completion status for several reasons: the size, the cost, the fact you don’t need to have played the main game to “do” Shivering Isles, and it’s an entirely separate, self-contained world. Plus, Bethesda list in on their site as a separate game anyway, so if it’s good enough for them, I feel justified.

I don’t want to go into details, as that’ll spoil it for others who haven’t finished it yet. And there’s so much I did today that I can’t really be bothered retelling the lot. However, I will say a few things.

Firstly, I predicted the “twist” in the story. It gets more and more obvious as it comes to the big reveal, but it’s still possible to miss, I think. Not that predicting it changed my perception of the game or anything, but the whole plotline is a work of genius.

Things I did today included recreating the Gatekeeper from parts of my choosing, killing the head of a cult to find her eye, having a very bizarre encounter – with myself (which I tried to make easier by coming into the fight naked, hoping my clone would be too, but no), and using some friendly walking trees to halt the spread of Order. Yes indeed.

Oh, and I killed Jyggalag too. Hurrahs!