Engacho! (WonderSwan)



The Japanese have a very strange sense of humour. It appears to be almost entirely pain or toilet based. They make some very strange video games, and Engacho takes on this bizarre humour to create one of the strangest and most disgusting puzzle games you are ever likely to play.

The basic puzzle idea behind the game is simple. You have a simple maze, and you have to reach the end. Four types of baddie get in your way however. They each move as you do, but in different ways. One moves in the same direction as you each step you take, another goes in the opposite direction. The other two move at a 90 degree angle to your direction, one anticlockwise and the other clockwise.

What this means is, you have to guide your little man (with a big head, tiny mouth and no nose) to the exit in such a way that the baddies don't walk into you, or block your path. Which isn't as simple as it sounds - since they all move each time you do!

So, why is it disgusting? Well, it's the baddies you see. When they walk into you, you're bumped off by them. Each one has a special way of killing you. The one with the long tongue slobbers you to death, the one with the runny nose snots all over you, the bloke with the VERY hairy armpits gases you to death with BO, and the flying arse? Well, try and guess.

The graphics and sound are fairly good, and the Wonderswan's poor quality screen doesn't affect the gameplay at all. There are 100 or so levels to work though, generally getting harder but with a few easier ones thrown in as a bit of a breather later on. As well as this, there's a player-vs-cpu mode, in which you and the computer both control little men, and the aim is to get one of the numerous baddies to walk into them.

Overall, a good and fairly original puzzle game, with a slightly sick theme.

Score: 4/5

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