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Whenever I buy one of those humongous Humble Bundles I sometimes think: At some point, I’ve got to add all these to my game museum database and that is going to be a right old pain in the backside.

And you know what? It was.

But, I’ve done it. I’ve also added everything else I’ve bought in the last six months or so, including all the stuff for my Nintendo Switch (which means two new platforms!), bringing the total number of games listed to 2831. I’ve also fixed some errors in the database that I’d noticed – a couple of Xbox Live games were listed as disc based, a handful of spelling mistakes, and some transposition gaffes.

More than all this, though, is that I’ve completely remade all the game museum pages from scratch! This actually happened more than six months ago, but I’ve been tweaking it since. Instead of being a PHP bodge inside a slightly broken WordPress theme shell, it’s all written with the Bootstrap framework. It’s quite bare looking, but I like that. Importantly, it’s really very fast now, works properly on mobile devices, and a lot easier to work with and make changes to. One such change, is the box art thumbnail preview on the main index page.

There’s ajax and jQuery and all sorts going on now. It’s all very swish. Oh, and I’ve had to fix it all already because I hadn’t realised that upgrading to PHP7 would break all the SQL calls. Sigh.

Anyway, go and take a look here.

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