Cold Caller Games #1: Hello? Hello?

At work, I get a lot of phonecalls from those recorded messages offering me cheap mortgages, help with my debts, free international calls, discounts on badger feed and that sort of thing. You know the ones – you pick up the phone and say hello, then after a couple of seconds a recording kicks in explaining the offer then asking you to press a number.

Of course, on my own phone I’d hang up before they even explained who they are, but at work it has become a game. Or rather, several games. Games I’d like to share!

Hello? Hello?

The aim of this game is simple: keep them on the line as long as possible by pretending you can’t hear them.

Bonus points are given for interrupting them mid-sentence, with something like “Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? This is stupid. Why would you ring me, to sell me something, then, when you’ve convinced me I want it, not be there?” and listen to them frantically try to fix their phone as they think they might have actually caught a fish.

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