Supporting the Digital Economy Bill

Today, the Digital Economy Bill was passed in parliament. I’d not read into it much, but lots of people seemed to be getting very angry about it. As far as I was aware this morning, it was a new law made to kick people off the internet if they use it to illegally download stuff.

So on Twitter, I said this:

Am I missing something regarding the #debill, or are people complaining that they might get punished for breaking the law?

I then had a few replies pointing out how there was more to it than that, and part of the problem was how it was rushed through and not carefully considered and so on. Then, I was told my tweet had appeared on the BBC News Channel at lunchtime! I couldn’t find a clip, but I’m quoted by the reporter on his BBC Blog (third paragraph from the bottom).

Apparently, he thinks I’m a supporter of the bill. Perhaps the only supporter, when actually, I just didn’t know all the facts.

Much like the MPs who voted it in.

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