Let’s Play! Bonus: Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Advance

Just to finish everything off, here’s my other remake of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator – for the Game Boy Advance. I wrote it in 2004, and it was actually a lot easier than writing the Game Boy version. I even added a “SNES Mode 7” style rotate to the title screen, and included music (from the film The Lawnmower Man). Sadly, the only onlineable emulator I could find (Boycott Advance Online) runs too fast and without sound. Ah well.

Start – Return
Select – Tab
A – R
B – T
L – E
R – Y
D-Pad – Arrows

You could try fiddling with – and + to decrease and increase frameskip to get a more accurate speed, but I don’t hold out much hope!

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