Let’s Play! Bonus: Game Boy Advanced Lawnmower Simulator

In 1999, I entered the Bung (remember them?) Game Boy homebrew coding competition with a version of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator. It was the first, and only, Game Boy game I’d ever written, and required me to pretty much learn C just to be able to code it.

The other day, I found a Java based Game Boy emulator (JavaBoy), and so, combined with my GB version of ALS, I present to you an online playable version! Woo!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no – I didn’t win the competition. My entry wasn’t even counted, as it wasn’t enough of a game šŸ™‚

Note the contact details for me on that page have long been dead šŸ™‚

Start – Return
Select – Backspace
A – Z
B – X
D-Pad – Arrows
Double-click the emulator for more options. Note you need to use Select (Backspace) to select a ‘mower.

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