Let’s Play! Dominator

I don’t really like side scrolling shooters. There are a few in the genre that have interested me over the years – Side Arms, Zero Wing and Sol Feace. Of course, I loved Parodius and Ai Cho Aniki too, but they’re “comedy” shooters.

I was never a fan of most of the “big name” shooters – Gradius, R-Type, Thunderforce, etc. I don’t know why. I played an unhealthy amount of Gynoug, but never really liked it.

But one game I loved at the time, despite being a side scrolling (and sometimes vertically scrolling) shooter, was Dominator. And I never even bought the full game, having only ever played the Your Sinclair covertape demo overandoverandoverandover. It was great! There were Giger-esque mouths! And organic squidgy bits! What’s not to love?

So here’s the full version for this week’s “Lets Play!”. Hurrah!

Controls: A/Z – Up/Down, C/V – Left/Right, B – Fire, P – Pause, Q – Quit

The emulator used is Qaop.

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