The wheel turns again

Which wheel?

The Sonic Cycle wheel, of course. I will not be suckered again (you know I will) after the disappointment that was Sonic 4. And Sonic Colours. And two versions of Sonic Generations. I think that word pretty much sums up Sonic games these days – disappointment.

A single play of the Sonic 4 Episode 2 trailer already shows some obvious problems. Firstly, most importantly, and most obviously – Tails. Gnnh. Just kill him off already. Then there’s the “fixed physics”: Sega reported a while ago they were retuning the broken Episode 1 physics.¬†Blatantly¬†they have not. Just look at it – a mess.

One of the problems I had with Episode 1 was how most of the levels were made up of graphics from previous Sonic games, and it’s clear there’s more of the same here. Remember Aquatic Ruin? Sega are hoping you don’t. Looks like Marble Garden in there too.

In addition, why is Sonic still running through walls, destroying them with his face? Stupid. And homing attacks are still in. STOP IT.

Excitement level: blurrgh.

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