The Bugs of Fallout 4: Part 2

Looks like nobody called Rentokil

Hello! I’m back with more Bugs of Fallout 4! Who’d have thought there were enough of them to fill two blog posts? Well, me actually. You haven’t even seen the ones I didn’t get a chance to capture. So many bugs.

Let’s begin with this dead Brotherhood soldier. Oh wait! He’s not dead! Or is he?

Then there’s Trashcan Carla, who has packed herself up inside one of her cases:

The roof of the CIT ruins is where Michael Jackson once performed Billie Jean:

Have you ever had one of those conversations that just goes round in circles? Father has.

This Seeing Through Walls power is great. Or would be, if it was real, rather than it just be a guy clipping through a garage door:

While on a trip over Boston in a Vertibird, I noticed this frightening looking black hole. You’d think they’d have at least painted over it with some textures or something, right?

And finally, for now, the return of a Fallout 4 Bugs Favourite: Levitating objects! This time, a couple of Railway Spikes just hovering around:

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