Let’s Play! Alien

Or in this case, perhaps Let’s Not?

SupervisionThe Watara Supervision was a terrible machine. Released in the UK under the Quickshot brand, it was a cheap Game Boy knock-off with lower specs, a nasty screen and virtually no games. But it was just £30 with a game in my local game shop, and a Game Boy was £99 without. I wanted one.

Of course, I didn’t get one back then. It was many years before I did, and when I did, boy was I glad I hadn’t before then. Awful games and stiff input buttons combined with that more-blur-than-screen display to create something any child would have murdered their parents for come the Worst Christmas Day Ever. Those poor sods who got a Quickshot Supervision instead of a Game Boy. They’re all in prison now.

Despite the suggestion this is R-Type, this isn’t R-Type.

Anyway! One of the games I’ve got for mine is Generic Space Shooter Game, also known on the box as Alien. Which is an even more generic name than Generic Space Shooter Game, actually, and has nothing to do with the film of the same name.

The box art borrows from Dune and R-Type but the game is neither of these things. You can charge your shot as if you were playing R-Type, but this does nothing but make your bullet slightly larger and delay the shot: It’s no more powerful, so utterly pointless.

So would you like to play? Yes, of course you would!

Controls are: 1 (Start), left CTRL (shoot), arrow keys (move).

Supervision emulator provided is MESS via archive.org.

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