War of Wizards

A game of spell combat. Great prizes. 45p per min.

Operator: Hello. And welcome. To Ian Livingstone’s. War. Of. Wizards.
Caller: Hel–
Operator: Ian. Livingstone’s. War. Of. Wizards. Is an interactive. Tel-e-phone fantasy. Adventure. Game. Of–
Caller: I know ca–
Operator: –Spell combat. Ian. Livingstone’s War–
Caller: Of Wizards, yes can we ju–
Operator: by Computerdial. You. Are being. Charged. Thir. Tee. Four. Pence. Per minute off peak. And four. Tee. Five. Pence at. All. Other. Times. To play. Ian. Livingstone’s. War. Of. Wiz–
Caller: Can I please just play–
Operator: –staying. On the. Line, you. Are. Agreeing to. The. Terms. And. Conditions. Which. Can be obtained. By sending. A large. Self. Addressed…
Caller: Wh–
Operator: Envelope. To. Our. Address. Which I. Will read. Out. To. You. Now. You may. Want. To. Find. A pen. Or some. Other. Writing. Implement. And. Something. To. Wr–
Caller: I don’t need the details! Can I just pla–
Operator: On. Write. To. Ian. Livingstone’s. War. Of. Wizards. Care. Of. Computer. Dial. Limited. Guil–
Caller: This has cost me £15 already and we’ve not even got to the game yet!
Operator: Four. Jay. You. That address. Again. Ian–
Caller: OH FOR CHRI*bang**click**brrrrrrrrrrr*
Operator: You know, Ian, one of these days you’re going to have to write an actual game here or something.

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