Where’s Sonic? Vol. 4

Extraordinary things can happen if you believe in yourself
You’ve got to have some faith in yourself
If you want respect from your friends

where's sonic

Today I bring you that most well known of all Sonic locales, the Azure Lake Zone! Absolutely not Hill Top Zone, Marble Garden Zone, Hydrocity Zone[ref]Is that “hydro-city”, or “hi-drossity”? I’ve never known.[/ref] or Aquatic Ruin Zone, any of of which, or a combination of some or all of which, it actually looks like.

Yes, I know it’s one of the two player levels in Sonic 3, but that isn’t crawling with badniks! Tch.

As before, you need to find all these things, in this picture below. And no, Wally isn’t there. I looked.

where's sonic

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