Sonic Mania: Sonic Cycle?

Sonic Cycle

It’s been a long time since a Sonic game interested me. After the disappointment of Sonic Generations – the most recent that got my hopes up for a return to past glories – and the massive mis-steps of Sonic Lost World and the Sonic Boom games (yes, they made more than one, somehow), he was dead.

But there exists the Sonic Cycle. It hasn’t applied in a while, because it requires a decent looking preview of an upcoming Sonic title to trigger it into action, and Sonic Boom never looked decent. However, this happened:

Just look at those sprites. That animation. It’s how a Sonic 4 1 perhaps would have looked on the Sega Saturn if they’d stuck to 2D.

From what I can gather, it’ll have both redesigned “classic” levels and new, sprite based old-style Sonic levels and bosses. It looks incredible and I want it now, but my excitement is tempered: I’ve had my heart broken before, and even though everything is positive right now – the devs have form, the graphics are awesome, it looks and sounds just perfect – the Sonic Cycle is real and I’m worried this will end up massively disappointing.

All of my fingers are crossed that Sonic Mania is the game I’ve waited 15 years for.


  1. No, a proper Sonic 4 – not that crap from a few years ago.

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