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I hate Mr Wacker

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In “celebration” of the new academic year starting, why not play this true to life simulation of a real schoolboy doing real schoolboy things. Like jumping up and down, crashing a bike into a gate, sneaking into the girls’ classrooms, and writing rude words on blackboards.

For younger readers, blackboards were like whiteboards only inverted.

Back to Skool
Oh Eric you naughty boy.


The controls are fiddly and what you have to do is vague at best, but it’s a lot of fun even if you just keep trying to punch the teachers. Just like real school! I think you’re supposed to get hold of your school report or something, and I remember you have to catch a mouse and scare the girls with it at some point, but yeah – just punch the teachers.

1000000 lines, Eric!

Controls: Lots of them. From the original instructions:

Q -up
A -down
O -left
P – right
F – fire catapult
C – catch mouse/frog
D/U – drop stink bomb
G – shoot water pistol
H – hit
J/L – jump/leap
M – mount bicycle
R – release mouse (only works in girls school)
S – sit/stand
T – throw away water pistol
W – write

The emulator used is Qaop/JS – a rather spiffy HTML5 Spectrum emulator.

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