Play Want Bin Expense: 2016-09-05

StreetPass the dutchie

Blimey. It’s September already. Where did all the time go? Well, apart from on No Man’s Sky, of course.


No Man's SkyNo Man’s Sky (PS4)
How many hours into this am I now? 60? Can’t be far off as it’s very easy to just play for “an hour” and suddenly it’s Saturday. About 10 hours ago I decided it was about time I actually started playing it, so have found the first stop on the Atlas Path. So far, it’s all very V-Ger. Then I got sidetracked on a moon for hours and forgot about Atlas. Oops.

Pokémon Y (3DS)
Around 8 hours into this now, and I’ve not reached the second gym yet. There was some stuff to do involving getting a flute to wake a Snorlax that was, yep, blocking the road, which caused a lengthy diversion to the plot but I’m past that now and have just been given a fishing rod. Fish on!

tumblr_oczvcryykc1svmpf2o1_400New StreetPass Games (3DS)
I bought them all and played them all and they’re all pretty good, actually. The slot car one is probably my favourite so far though, and the explorer one is probably the weakest. Time will tell if it remains that way!

Catherine (PS3)
It was about £1.30 in a recent sale so I bought it. It’s… very odd. I think I’m around half way through, given there’s 8 levels (or so it says in the game) and I’m on the 5th one. It’s getting tricky now too.

Pokémon Go (iOS)
Nothing exciting this week, sadly, aside from getting a Hitmonlee when I was at Pleasurewood Hills.


The usual – Zelda (NX), Paper Mario (Wii U), an NX, and Sonic Mania.




Lovely Planet (Mac) – Free
All 5 new StreetPass games (3DS) – £6.47
LA Noire (PS3) – £2

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