Recent Game Over, Yeah!! videos

Death comes to us all. In these games, rather sooner than hoped.

Game Over, Yeah!!

It has indeed been a while since I did some Game Over, Yeah!!s[ref]That’s the official plural, by the way.[/ref]. A few people had contacted me and asked when I was going to do some more, and since it coincided with me finally getting an audio recording solution working with OBS on the Mac (I might write about it another time), here’s a few Mac games I’ve attempted since.

In case you’re wondering, the premise of Game Over, Yeah!! is that I play a game, without instructions or practicing, and stop when I die for the first time. How far will I get? Not very, usually.

Race the Sun

I played this on the Vita once. It was terrible. I was terrible. On the Mac, I didn’t have a clue what the controls were so it’s amazing I didn’t die sooner.

10 Second Ninja

No, not the new 10 Second Ninja X – this is the original. I also couldn’t figure out the controls in time (I think in a past life I must have reconfigured them?) so, er. Yeah. Game Over, Yeah!! in fact.

Hotline Miami

I fare somewhat better here. OK, I’m lying, I don’t. But the video is much longer, if that counts for something. Which is doesn’t. Wow, that mouse and keyboard combo is hard for a game which feels like it should play like Commando or something.

Mushroom 11

More control issues here, not so much because I didn’t know what the controls are, more I wasn’t sure how to actually use them. Anyway, I seemed to pick it up reasonably quickly, and was just enjoying myself then… oh.

Ballpoint Universe

And finally, for now, this odd little title which you play with a mouse even though keys or a pad seems to make more sense? I’m not sure if the scrolly shooty bits count when it comes to losing lives, but if you think it does, then just stop watching after I get hit for the first time in the first one.

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