The Jam

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?

the jam

(This suggestion from @JayTay)


Jam again, eh? If the other posts on jam were not the specific jam that he’s after, then perhaps The Jam is?

Some things I know about The Jam:

  1. Paul Weller
  2. They’re not The Style Council
  3. Mods
  4. That’s Entertainment
  5. Town Called Malice
  6. They were on the front cover of Mojo magazine once
  7. They’re alright

I wasn’t even born for most of the time the band were active (from 1972 to 1982), and never really got into them at a later date. I don’t dislike them at all, but aside from the two tracks mentioned above they haven’t really entered my consciousness.

Paul Weller himself, mind, is one of those instantly recognisable singers. Whether in The Jam, The Style Council, solo, or as part of one-time supergroup The Smokin Mojo Filters, his voice clearly stands out. I liked a lot of his output during his sort-of solo revival in the mid to late 90s, especially Peacock Suit, Wild Wood and The Changingman. Since then though, I’ve not heard much.

I’m digressing now to fill space, because this post is actually supposed to be about The Jam, not Paul Weller.

While looking up interesting stuff about the band, I found they reformed in 2006-ish only without Weller, going under the name of “From The Jam” or “Bruce Foxton”, who is one of the other band members. Weller guest appeared on some of their tracks though, making them essentially The Jam again, only they weren’t. “It’s complicated”, perhaps.

Anyway. Here’s my favourite The Jam track:


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