Let’s Play! Advanced Lawnmower Simul8or

Mow grass mow money

Like many Your Sinclair readers, I have a strange attraction to one of the Spectrum’s most creative games: Advanced Lawnmower Simulator. In the past, I’ve written versions of it for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Amstrad NC100, the Codebug, the BBC Microbit, a Casio calculator, and various other things.

Today I bring to you my latest port: a version for the PICO-8 virtual console. It’s called “Advanced Lawnmower Simul8or” because of the 8, you see.


The PICO-8 doesn’t actually exist. It’s a fabricated retro console with 8bit style limitations intentionally imposed, and a built-in development environment complete with sound tracker, sprite and map editors, and a “compiler” of sorts which uses Dark Magic to somehow squeeze your program into a PNG file for distribution. Like this one:

advanced lawnmower simul8or
No, it’s not just a picture – is a cartridge too.

I’ve posted a few games on here before, like Hug Arena and Duck Duck on the Loose, but this is the first I’ve created myself. The code is horrible. The game barely registers as one. Play it now!

Controls: Arrow keys and Z.

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