Let’s Play! Toiletworld

Bog standard Friday lunchtime post.


I won’t lie. One of the main reasons I bought the game Virginia is because someone told me it had toilets in it. That is genuinely true. Yes, I’d heard other good things too, but it went like this:

People: That Virginia is good. It’s a bit like Firewatch or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture 1.
Me: Oh, that sounds interesting. I might get it.
People: Hey, did you know it had toilets in i–

Earlier this week, someone tweeted this at me:

I had to check it out because my god, if that isn’t a title written just for me I don’t know what is. Unless it was “Helly Kitty and Barbie Go To Toiletland on Motorbikes and Play With Explosives”.

Toiletworld is an Interactive Fiction game. You know, those games that used to be called Text Adventures. Some magazine called ugvm did an article on them 13 years ago and broke the internet. Remember that? Because there are Clever People, the tools to create such games are now very easy to use, and you can play the results in a web browser. It’s like living in the past and the future at the same time.

You are in the toiletworld. As far as you can see, there is toilet; all toilet, all the time, all the places, each and every point in the whole of the world, across the whole yawning, infinite cosmos its own toilet, each with toilets inside it, each further with toilets inside it, further and further inside towards some unimaginable limit. To the west is a toilet. To the east is probably also a toilet. (TODO: add eastern toilet or whatever)

If you’ve not played this sort of game before then I suggest you go and learn how to, then come back.

Back? Excellent. Now play! (If the iframe below doesn’t play nice in your browser, play it here instead)


  1. Note: Both these games had toilets in them.

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