The ugvm Podcast is still happening

And I’m just as surprised as anyone.

We’ve done four proper (and one pilot) episodes now. There’s a scattershot selection of ugvm colleagues joining me each time, we’re still tweaking the formula (and the recording method), and the “let’s make it an hour long” goal is now a running joke. But here we are, and I think it’s pretty decent actually.

I’ve no reason to suspect, or even hope for, mass recognition and we’re just one of a billion videogame podcasts, but that isn’t really important. We’ve listeners outside of the ugvm group. We’ve had positive feedback and constructive criticism. That’s not really important either, to be honest. No, I’m finding the best bit is just having a chat about games with some mates. Some of whom I’d never actually spoken to.

Anywho, Episode 4 went up this week. We chatted about lootcrates and Mario and Sonic and all sorts. You can find it here.

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