From the dawn of time: ugvm 01

Remember that magazine I used to edit? Years and years ago? Of course you don’t. You probably weren’t born then. Well, using the great online service Issuu, I’ve brought them back from the dead!

There aren’t any new issues, but you can “enjoy” reading all the old ones again, and shed a little tear for the time when we were at the forefront of online gaming magazine technology. Or something.

Behold: Issue 01!

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=090519132449-5014c4483b584e24a4c4bfca9d657be2 docname=ugvm01 username=deKay loadinginfotext=ugvm%20Issue%2001 width=420 height=297 unit=px]

More prizes for me!

No sooner had I said “I never win anything”, I then go and win something! Again!

This time I won a copy of the Xbox 360 game “Rise of the Argonauts”, as well as a matching Xbox 360 faceplate! Amazing!

I have no idea what the game is like, however, and my previous prize of “three Xbox versions of board games” was not exactly something to get excited about.

Prizes for me!

I won a competition today! I’m most impressed, as I never, ever, win anything. At all. Ever.

I had to come up with family friendly versions of “mature rated” games. In the end, I think I won through swamping them with entries. Anyway, my prizes? Not so amazing, unfortunately. I won copies of Xbox Live Arcade lemons Yahtzee, Connect 4 and Battleship. They’re not awful, but they’re not exactly the sort of thing I’d normally be after. Not least because they’re 800 points each. Even less so since I managed to get a free copy of Connect 4 earlier in the week anyway! Tch.

You want to know my submissions for the competition then, right? Right:

BoyoShock: Welsh quiz game where wrong answers mean harmless electric shocks from the special controller.

Ramble Roses XX: OCD botany adventure starring female wrestlers. Take country walks and pick flowers to dry and press.

Wake Alan: Puzzle game where you must assemble Wallace & Grommit style devices to break Alan’s slumber in time for school

Battlefield: Bed Company. It’s all out war as two rival bed manufacturers battle for Slumber Supremacy!

Head Space: Video game version of the hit Xbox 360 TV adverts. Fill your gormless avatar’s head with all the fun of the 360!

A Comb In The Dark
: Against-the-clock hairdressing fun for all the family. Try to craft a coiffure before the light fades!

Left 4 Dodd: Road trip multiplayer adventure as 4 teenagers travel across the country trying to reach a Ken Dodd gig in time

50 Cent: Buddies on the Sand. Beach party game with 50 Cent and his G-Unit chums.

The GoatFarmer II. Breed goat allies and use them to ward off the rival SheepFarmer and CowFarmer gangs.

Hello Wars. Futuristic RTS in which two rival factions – one human, one alien – try to out-polite each other with greetings

Resident Orville. Cuddles has locked Orville up in Keith Harris’ mansion and you have to explore and solve puzzles to save him

The second year of Famousness

Not to be outdone by Jim, I thought I should point out my recent forays into fame and glory. Last summer, a company called TV Choice contacted me after finding my website. They wanted to come and interview me for a day, and film me for one of their educational documentaries. When they turned up, they filmed some of my old computers, and asked me about games “back in the day”. Because I’d told them I work for a school, they also asked me what I thought about various things, such as collaborative learning, converging technologies, and the dangers of the internet.

Anyway, the film is called “ICT and Society”, and was released a couple of weeks ago. You can find it listed on their site.

Here are a few stills from my bit in it:

Clive Sinclair (and me) on TV

This video is actually from 2003, but it’s only recently that I’ve managed to convert it and upload it to Google Video.

It’s a clip of a BBC programme called Inside Out, which covers local stories about local people. I was interviewed about Clive Sinclair, and showed off my Sinclair collection.