Lady Cruncher

Whilst looking for gaming bargains in Asda this evening, my wife pointed this ¬¨¬£1 PC game out to me. I didn’t buy it as, sadly, it looked crap.

Emo Oil

I saw this when stuck in traffic today. Well, I thought it was funny, even if it didn’t have black hair and a self-hate complex…

Strange Opera for Wii comic

I think the people at Opera (you know, the web browser that isn’t Firefox) have gone a bit, uh, mad. They’ve announced the day on which Wii owners can download the free version of Opera for their new consoles, and to go with it they’ve included this totally incoherent comic strip.


Erotic Keyboarding

This new mini keyboard with built in trackpad arrived today. I was especially impressed with the “luxurious enjoyment of touching buttons” that it offers.