Bearded Jester

If you’re one of those people with a brain that spots faces in inanimate objects, you’ll love this bearded jester I saw this morning.

Bearded Jester

Filthy strimming

Saw this on a box for a Worx strimmer today. No, I have no idea what it means.

Did you know I have an iPhone?

I do. And it’s great. I only got it a couple of days ago, but already I can’t imagine how I managed without one.

Here’s the very first photo I took with it. It isn’t very exciting though.

Some more gushing praise for my iPhone will be posted soon!

Stalking Jim

Fellow newsgroup person, ugvm magazine contributor and Citizen of Norwich A Fine City(TM) whom what I know through t’t’tinternet and a mutual friend (but separately until I realised it was the same person – the internet is the smallest place in the world) Jim Taylor is famous! Sort of!

There’s a gallery in Castle Mall displaying photos of Norwich, taken by people who are on Flickr. And Jim is one of them. Today, I was in Castle Mall, so went and had a look.


And very nice they were too.  If you want to see more, Jim posted about it over on his blog.

Lazy kids these days

The other day, with all the snow, I walked across this field. There
had been snow on the ground for a full 24 or more hours, and yet
somehow none of the kids who live in the estate have bothered to even
walk in the snow, let alone build a snowman. Tch.

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