OMG Teh Famous!

I’m at Monkey World, and they seem to be filming orangutans. I’m assuming this is for the Monkey Business TV programme. I don’t recognise the person who appears to be the presenter, but then I ‘ve never actually seen it.

Hovercraft Cowfish

Either this is the best name for a fish, ever, or The Oceanarium in Bournemouth is having a laugh and seeing if anyone notices.

That house wot was on Grand Designs – I sees it!

Yes, I’m in Bournemouth, and in this picture is the house (well, flat) that was on Grand Designs on Channel 4 last week. I suspect it was actually a repeat of the programme, but it was last week that I saw it.

The actual flat is the bit at the very top – the dome and the floor directly underneath. It was very exciting seeing it. Then we went and ate pasta in a restaurant a few yards down the road to the right of the photo. Amazing scenes.

Lady Cruncher

Whilst looking for gaming bargains in Asda this evening, my wife pointed this ¬¨¬£1 PC game out to me. I didn’t buy it as, sadly, it looked crap.

Emo Oil

I saw this when stuck in traffic today. Well, I thought it was funny, even if it didn’t have black hair and a self-hate complex…

Unusual purple sky

I’m not the best photographer in the world, or even somewhere in the top three, but this scene looked nice and so I took a picture. Lovely.

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