My Holiday Snaps from Kalos

Blurry, just like my eyes.

I took some wonderful photos (or rather, Phil the Usually Drunk Photo Guy did) on my travels around the Kalos region. Otherwise known as “that place in Pokémon X and Y”, which I wrote about here.

Unfortunately, you can only take photos at pre-determined spots in the game which makes recording your adventures for all eternity a bit difficult. But still – here’s all I have:

Drunk. Creepy guy behind me.
Drunk. Creepy guy behind me.
This castle was scary.
This castle was scary.
T-shirt in the snow, as you do.
T-shirt in the snow, as you do.
Morning after. That rushing water didn't help my head.
Morning after. That rushing water didn’t help my head.
Don't remember this.
Don’t remember this.
I think we broke this.
I think we broke this.
Drunk. We stole their wheelie bin.
Drunk. We stole their wheelie bin.
This girl was lovely. Then I was sick on her shoes.
This girl was lovely. Then I was sick on her shoes.
We tried to get in here, but they said they didn't allow degenerates in.
We tried to get in here, but they said they didn’t allow degenerates in.

Sight-seeing in No Man’s Sky

Wish You Were Here?

That’s right, it’s yet another post about No Man’s Sky! I have been playing it rather a lot so of course I’m going to post about it a lot. That, and it is awesome.

Here are some great, and weird, things I’ve seen on my travels. Firstly, some gorgeous landscapes, where almost any screenshot is a work of beauty:

no man's sky
When the moon hits the sky…
no man's sky
A very welcoming entrance to Hell
This was a great planet. Quiet, nothing to kill me, purple trees
“Oh yes, we go to Aspen every year!”

Then there are some of the bizarre creatures I’ve stumbled across (and in some cases, spent hours searching for) on my journey through the stars:

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The Filth of No Man’s Sky

Won’t somebody think of the children?

Presented mostly without comment, here is a gallery of some of the more suspect rock formations, flora and creatures I’ve so far come across in the wonderful game that is No Man’s Sky.

Stop giggling. This is serious business. Remember: if it’s rude, it’s you that thought it was, not me.

Yes, it’s gold.
No Man's Sky_20160823191103
Uh huh.
No Man's Sky_20160829153004
Maybe see a doctor.
No Man's Sky_20160902225046
Hitler only had one.
No Man's Sky_20160902231509
No Man's Sky_20160903162214

Then there’s this instruction:

No Man's Sky_20160813185548

And finally, this creature. Oh my.

Can you tell what it is yet?



You know when you get a phrase in your head and have to make a picture of it otherwise it might never leave? No?

Oh. Just me then.

More Art of Toilets in Video Games

Crap post.

You may recall that something I collect is screenshots of toilets in the games that I play. For reasons I don’t fully understand, of course, but who doesn’t like a good WC in any game they happen to be playing? It’s the best bit.

I archive all the bogs I discover over on Tumblr, and here are a few I’ve found since my last post on the subject.

Firstly, some frustratingly inaccessible lavatorial areas, like this one from Grim Fandango. Manny can go in, but sadly, we can’t follow. Also, Manny is a skeleton so not sure how his waterworks, er, works.

Following on from bogs-you-can’t-enter in Persona 4 Golden, the very Persona-like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on the Wii U has a similar scenario:

Oh why must you tease us? See also the definitely not Sonic game Freedom Planet:

And this from Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, where at one point in the game you clean these toilets, but you can never actually use them. Tch.

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This is Dave

My wife now, Dave

Of course I named all my Pokémon Dave. Why wouldn’t I?

Shenmue at King of Servers

Is Shenmue III out yet?

You know the drill. “Can I help?” popup on a website, so they get asked Shenmue questions. Usually they just disconnect. Did King of Servers?


Not right away, no. But still disappointing to just chuck me off. Boo!

My Miitomo Photos Let Me Show You Them

Set eyes to “stunned”, Mr Worf.

Miitomo photos are a wonderful thing, even when you’re not trying to create any photos yourself and just rely on the app generating them randomly. Here’s a gallery of some of those from my private collection.

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