Susie Fowler-Watt Watch

The hardest button to button.

(This suggestion from @JayTay)

Susie Fowler-Watt watch

If you’re one of the lucky folk to live in what some people pigeonhole as “the East of England”, and others term “East Anglia”, then you’ll probably know that the BBC local news programme is called Look East (it’s like Look North, only with more East and a lot less North). For many years now, the main two presenters[ref]Americans would probably called them “anchors”.[/ref] have been Stewart White and Susie Fowler-Watt. Stewart White probably deserves a blog post of his own, but this one is for Susie.

Look East is filmed in The Forum in Norwich, and as I live near there and often visit The Forum and nearby environs, you’d think I’d be forever bumping into Susie and Stewart and all the other Look East people, but no. I did see sometime stand-in and Inside Out man[ref]As in, he presents the programme of that name, he isn’t physically inside out.[/ref] David Whiteley in Wagamama once though. We were also in Sainsbury’s many years ago and Susie was in front of us at the checkout, but I didn’t notice and my wife didn’t tell me until after we’d left.

Oh, and I had a conversation on Twitter with weatherman[ref]I mean “meteorologist”, of course.[/ref] Dan Holley once.

These days, my main concern with Susie Fowler-Watt is her inability to do up all the buttons on her clothes before going on air, creating more cleavage than is probably necessary for 6:30pm on a school night.

Actually, in recent months she seems to have taken notice of my tweets about how many buttons undone I have counted (I’m flattering myself, of course she hasn’t – although maybe Dan passed on the gist) and has been wearing mainly buttonless attire, although the cleavage is still apparent. The hashtag is #susiefowlerwattbuttonwatch, by the way.

Some of my friends think I may be inappropriately obsessed with what Susie wears and they’re probably right. I don’t even fancy her or anything. But when you’re watching a story about waiting times at a local hospital and the VT cuts back to the studio and June literally busting out all over, it’s hard not to take notice.

A cursory prod of Google suggests I’m not the only one:

How many unbuttoned buttons did you count?

Other things notable to mention about Susie:

  1. She seems oblivious to the comments Stewart makes which may be pervy, risque or humourous.
  2. She’s often very emotional after sad stories involving babies or kittens or stuff. Properly watery eyes.
  3. She’s a rottweiler when interviewing.

As those great poets The Bloodhound Gang once remarked:


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