“Zelda IV”

Funny story. About nine months ago, Ian Higton, one of Eurogamer’s video guys blocked me on Twitter because he posted a video that had the wrong aspect ratio and I tweeted #stopaspectratioabuse at him. Fair enough, but it’s a valid crusade. It’s also not like there’s anything else going on in the world that is a bigger cause to work with anyway.

But then last week, Ian needed my help. But he’d blocked me! Oh noes!

He was after scans of an issue of Total magazine from the 90s, specifically the “Zelda IV”, now known as Link’s Awakening, review. And since I have scans of almost every magazine known to man from that era, I was his only hope (well, until someone else piped up with their own copies I suppose).

He was putting together a video and needed them for it. Thankfully word got to him, he unblocked me, and we all lived happily ever after. Here’s the video (with the reference to me at about 5:53 in):

I was famous again for five seconds

Well not exactly famous, but spot me, or rather a post I made on Miiverse, in this video made by Image & Form. Yes, them folks that did do make the SteamWorld games.

Some recent gaming videos

Video killed the, uh, nothing actually.

You know, I stream games every so often, and upload the resulting mess to YouTube. Usually, they’re PS4 games I’m working through, but sometimes I give a game the Game Over, Yeah!! treatment.

Here are a few of the videos I’ve made recently. More can be found on my Youtube channel.

Firstly, here’s a complete playthrough of the Narrative Discovery Game (I’ll make that genre title stick, dammit!) Virginia on the PS4. A lovely little game with some great direction and more than a hint of The X-Files.

Next, a trio of Mac games are Game Over, Yeah!!’d – Magic Carpet (where I had no idea what I was doing), Killing Floor (which appeared to be a clone of a Left 4 Dead level), and Syder Arcade (a promising looking shooter that I really should play some more of).

If you’re wondering how I record these on my Mac, by the way, I did a post a little while back on using OBS.

Next up, a couple of gameplay videos of the excellent Lego Dimensions – the whole Portal level (which is part of the main game), and also the entire (albeit not 100%d) Back to the Future level pack which is a separate purchase.

Finally, for now, one of the most awesome and ridiculous things from the awesome and ridiculous Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair: Me in a giant mech suit punching what is essentially Godzilla in the face over and over again:

The Jam

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?

(This suggestion from @JayTay)


Jam again, eh? If the other posts on jam were not the specific jam that he’s after, then perhaps The Jam is?

Some things I know about The Jam:

  1. Paul Weller
  2. They’re not The Style Council
  3. Mods
  4. That’s Entertainment
  5. Town Called Malice
  6. They were on the front cover of Mojo magazine once
  7. They’re alright

I wasn’t even born for most of the time the band were active (from 1972 to 1982), and never really got into them at a later date. I don’t dislike them at all, but aside from the two tracks mentioned above they haven’t really entered my consciousness.

Paul Weller himself, mind, is one of those instantly recognisable singers. Whether in The Jam, The Style Council, solo, or as part of one-time supergroup The Smokin Mojo Filters, his voice clearly stands out. I liked a lot of his output during his sort-of solo revival in the mid to late 90s, especially Peacock Suit, Wild Wood and The Changingman. Since then though, I’ve not heard much.

I’m digressing now to fill space, because this post is actually supposed to be about The Jam, not Paul Weller.

While looking up interesting stuff about the band, I found they reformed in 2006-ish only without Weller, going under the name of “From The Jam” or “Bruce Foxton”, who is one of the other band members. Weller guest appeared on some of their tracks though, making them essentially The Jam again, only they weren’t. “It’s complicated”, perhaps.

Anyway. Here’s my favourite The Jam track:


Sight-seeing in No Man’s Sky

Wish You Were Here?

That’s right, it’s yet another post about No Man’s Sky! I have been playing it rather a lot so of course I’m going to post about it a lot. That, and it is awesome.

Here are some great, and weird, things I’ve seen on my travels. Firstly, some gorgeous landscapes, where almost any screenshot is a work of beauty:

no man's sky
When the moon hits the sky…

no man's sky
A very welcoming entrance to Hell

This was a great planet. Quiet, nothing to kill me, purple trees

“Oh yes, we go to Aspen every year!”

Then there are some of the bizarre creatures I’ve stumbled across (and in some cases, spent hours searching for) on my journey through the stars:

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Recent Game Over, Yeah!! videos

Death comes to us all. In these games, rather sooner than hoped.

It has indeed been a while since I did some Game Over, Yeah!!s[ref]That’s the official plural, by the way.[/ref]. A few people had contacted me and asked when I was going to do some more, and since it coincided with me finally getting an audio recording solution working with OBS on the Mac (I might write about it another time), here’s a few Mac games I’ve attempted since.

In case you’re wondering, the premise of Game Over, Yeah!! is that I play a game, without instructions or practicing, and stop when I die for the first time. How far will I get? Not very, usually.

Race the Sun

I played this on the Vita once. It was terrible. I was terrible. On the Mac, I didn’t have a clue what the controls were so it’s amazing I didn’t die sooner.

10 Second Ninja

No, not the new 10 Second Ninja X – this is the original. I also couldn’t figure out the controls in time (I think in a past life I must have reconfigured them?) so, er. Yeah. Game Over, Yeah!! in fact.

Hotline Miami

I fare somewhat better here. OK, I’m lying, I don’t. But the video is much longer, if that counts for something. Which is doesn’t. Wow, that mouse and keyboard combo is hard for a game which feels like it should play like Commando or something.

Mushroom 11

More control issues here, not so much because I didn’t know what the controls are, more I wasn’t sure how to actually use them. Anyway, I seemed to pick it up reasonably quickly, and was just enjoying myself then… oh.

Ballpoint Universe

And finally, for now, this odd little title which you play with a mouse even though keys or a pad seems to make more sense? I’m not sure if the scrolly shooty bits count when it comes to losing lives, but if you think it does, then just stop watching after I get hit for the first time in the first one.

The Filth of No Man’s Sky

Won’t somebody think of the children?

Presented mostly without comment, here is a gallery of some of the more suspect rock formations, flora and creatures I’ve so far come across in the wonderful game that is No Man’s Sky.

Stop giggling. This is serious business. Remember: if it’s rude, it’s you that thought it was, not me.

Yes, it’s gold.

No Man's Sky_20160823191103
Uh huh.

No Man's Sky_20160829153004
Maybe see a doctor.

No Man's Sky_20160902225046
Hitler only had one.

No Man's Sky_20160902231509

No Man's Sky_20160903162214

Then there’s this instruction:

No Man's Sky_20160813185548

And finally, this creature. Oh my.

Susie Fowler-Watt Watch

The hardest button to button.

(This suggestion from @JayTay)

Susie Fowler-Watt watch

If you’re one of the lucky folk to live in what some people pigeonhole as “the East of England”, and others term “East Anglia”, then you’ll probably know that the BBC local news programme is called Look East (it’s like Look North, only with more East and a lot less North). For many years now, the main two presenters[ref]Americans would probably called them “anchors”.[/ref] have been Stewart White and Susie Fowler-Watt. Stewart White probably deserves a blog post of his own, but this one is for Susie.

Look East is filmed in The Forum in Norwich, and as I live near there and often visit The Forum and nearby environs, you’d think I’d be forever bumping into Susie and Stewart and all the other Look East people, but no. I did see sometime stand-in and Inside Out man[ref]As in, he presents the programme of that name, he isn’t physically inside out.[/ref] David Whiteley in Wagamama once though. We were also in Sainsbury’s many years ago and Susie was in front of us at the checkout, but I didn’t notice and my wife didn’t tell me until after we’d left.

Oh, and I had a conversation on Twitter with weatherman[ref]I mean “meteorologist”, of course.[/ref] Dan Holley once.

These days, my main concern with Susie Fowler-Watt is her inability to do up all the buttons on her clothes before going on air, creating more cleavage than is probably necessary for 6:30pm on a school night.

Actually, in recent months she seems to have taken notice of my tweets about how many buttons undone I have counted (I’m flattering myself, of course she hasn’t – although maybe Dan passed on the gist) and has been wearing mainly buttonless attire, although the cleavage is still apparent. The hashtag is #susiefowlerwattbuttonwatch, by the way.

Some of my friends think I may be inappropriately obsessed with what Susie wears and they’re probably right. I don’t even fancy her or anything. But when you’re watching a story about waiting times at a local hospital and the VT cuts back to the studio and June literally busting out all over, it’s hard not to take notice.

A cursory prod of Google suggests I’m not the only one:

How many unbuttoned buttons did you count?

Other things notable to mention about Susie:

  1. She seems oblivious to the comments Stewart makes which may be pervy, risque or humourous.
  2. She’s often very emotional after sad stories involving babies or kittens or stuff. Properly watery eyes.
  3. She’s a rottweiler when interviewing.

As those great poets The Bloodhound Gang once remarked:


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