Funny hotel signs

It’s an advert for Expedia, and it’s likely that these signs aren’t actually real signs. But I’m posting the video anyway.

Flying penguins

Yes, it’s an April Fool. And no, I didn’t fall for it. But that doesn’t stop it being very well done. How much of my licence fee was spent creating this, though?

How to make God of War a better game

Add your own voice-overs!

Addendum! Encore en francais!

Strange advert for Conflict: Denied Ops

Which contains a bit of nudity. So you probably don’t want to be watching it at work.

Paint fire with a Wii remote and a lighter

This is amazing. Not quite Wii head tracking amazing, but amazing none the less…

Resident Evil: Extinction competition

Get a pet zombie, feed it, and try to stay alive. What?

Sega Superstars Tennis

Imagine a game like, ooh, Mario Tennis. Only instead of fantastic characters from the world of Nintendo, you have all those “great” characters from the world of Sega. Like Sonic the Hedgehog. And, erm, lots of rubbish furry things from Sonic games. And a monkey! In fact, two monkeys! And Ulala. Amazing.


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