Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz

It would appear that a new version of Buzz! is out. I’m guessing from the title, it’s about fillums. Here’s an advert! Hurrah!

MTV tests models to see if they’re thick

Place your bets!

Kwari: Cash for Kills

Kwari is like some sort of online gambling/first person shooter hybrid. You play it more or less like a standard online FPS, but you get paid (actual real money) for your kills, and lose money when you’re killed yourself. Yes, it does sound like there’s all sorts of moral and legal issues with this system.

Anyway, here’s a clip of the game which hopefully explains more:

Tilt Games review

Dr. A, he who reviews all those amazing rip-off game devices (such as the PopStation) is back with another review of some “Tilt Games”. Spot the device they bear no resemblance to at all!

Warning: video may contain squirrels.

Wii remote interactive whiteboard combo

Take two pens, a Wii remote and projector, and what do you get? Not only an interative whiteboard, but also a great desk-screen thing with multi-touch capability. Now, we pay about £1750 for a board and projector, and this setup will cost, what, £500? And does more? Amazing.

Still (still!) Alive

Is it possible to get tired of the Portal end-of-game theme song?  The answer is no, of course. Anyway, VG Cats provide a video to go along with it:

VG Cats – Still Alive

You too can be Alex Zane!

Not that you’d want to be though, surely? Could you live with yourself if you were that irritating?

MTV are advertising for a new presenter, and because it is impossible to get a job these days without going on a TV talent competition, you have to send in a video of yourself “doing the MTV thing”. This probably requires surgical teeth whitening.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune trailer

Hmm. About a year ago, this PS3 game looked really good, and I was a little jealous that it wasn’t coming out on the 360. Having seen lots more of it now, and realising that the “you’re just some average guy” premise is nonsense, it just seems like a cross between Gears of War and Tomb Raider Legend without actually being as good as either.

Anyway, here’s a trailer:

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