Still Alive, Live!

The guy who wrote the wrote the ending theme for Portal performs it live!

Warning: may contain spoilers!

Text adventure meets Subservient Chicken

Remember that interactive chicken thing that was an advert for KFC or something? Where you could tell it to jump up and down or die or hop or make cow noises? Some of which it responded to?

Well, this Free Your Buddy is like that, only with a purpose! It’s a text adventure, with video. Amazing!

Here’s a trailer:

And here’s a link to the game:

Danger, Mario: Shrooms

This is a trailer for a horror film about teenagers who eat magic mushrooms and then some stabbing happens. Ace!

Warning: video may contain scenes of talking cows.

ProStreet Romania

It seems to be some sort of skit of the new EA Need for Speed: ProStreet game, only in Romania. With Ladas.

At least, I think it’s a skit. Or an advert. Or just crazy European nonsense. Or something.

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