Nightcore x Video Games

Waiting for the item drop

I’m sure you all remember that wonderful Nightcore post I did way back in February. Ah, it was a different time. The UK was still in the EU, Wales were still crap at football, and children the world over went about their daily lives blissfully ignorant of the Pokémon that lurked literally everywhere.

At the end of that post, I introduced you to the wonder that was a Nightcore version of the Pumpkin Hill Knuckles Rap, and teased that there were Nightcore versions of other video games. Well, the time has come to inflic–uh, entertain you with those! Oh yes.

Just in case you’d forgotten what Nightcore is, here’s our Graham with a quick reminder: Nightcore tracks have anime girl pictures, sound like chipmunks, and have increased BPM rates – sometimes to dangerous levels.

Let us begin, with perhaps the most iconic of all video game tunes (it was a top ten hit in the UK!) – Tetris:

Epic. Not least the drop 26 seconds in. I could probably listen to that on repeat all the live long day… if it wasn’t for all the other amazing Nightcore choons!

When you think of repetitive, impossible to unthink, video game tune earworms, one of the first to spring to mind (and remain there, glued to your thalamus) is Bubble Bobble. See, it’s in your head right now, and you’ve not even clicked play yet.

You can click play now.

So good, right? But of course, you may be wanting a palete-cleanser after that, and what better than something recognisable from virtually every Zelda game ever?

Another pretty well known Nintendo theme is the battle music from various Kirby games. Just listen to this, and the wonderful new places it takes “music” from around 46 seconds in. Lovely.

Can you name the very best non-Knuckles related Sonic music track? Green Hill Zone? Hahaha, no. Starlight Zone? Carnival Night Zone? No way. Toot Toot Sonic Warrior? Yes! But not that.

No, the correct answer is Sonic Adventure 2’s incredible Escape from the City of course! (Of course). ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND HELL YEAH.

Hard to top that, right? Aside from Nightcore Knuckles, of course. And this masterpiece – Castlevania’s Bloody Tears. In Nightcore form. BOOM.

And there we have it. Conclusive proof that Nightcore and Video Games combined create the greatest of all things.

Finally, and although not technically a game, it is related to a game and relevant given yesterday’s post, I give you one more bonus track:



You know the score.

Once upon a time, I was looking for a particular music track on YouTube. I don’t remember which one but it was quite obscure, so not many matches came back. One that did, however, was something with the same title with the word Nightcore added. That and the thumbnail was of an anime girl. I’d discovered the rabbit hole that is Nightcore Versions of Songs. And oh my is it deep.

Things I have since discovered about Nightcore include:

  • They all have pictures of anime girls. There is no reason for this.
  • Most of them are simply pitch-bent mixes of the original track.
  • If the song exists, it’s highly likely there’s a Nightcore version.
  • Nightcore is bloody awesome.

Let us take a journey. Starting with, of course, Journey:

Boom! See? It’s incredible. And it’s just one of many versions of the same song that’s been Nightcore’d up. Next, perhaps something a little more… metal?

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My Favourite Knuckles Rap

I’m walkin’ through valleys cryin’ pumpkin in the alley.

(this question from @qazimod)

[What is] your favourite Knuckles rap

Well they’re all my favourite, of course! Sonic Adventure 2 wouldn’t be half the game it is without the rap songs on Knuckles’ stages. They’re a definite high point, even if the Knuckles stages themselves are… not the best the game has to offer.

As for which of my favourites is the best, it may perhaps be prudent to let you have a listen to each, and let me break them down for you.

Aquatic Mine – “Dive into the Mellow”

Laid back and with a Warren G Regulate vibe, the lyrics are a mixture of what you need to do in the level, how Knuckles loves to chill, and how being in a coal pit makes you want to just sit back and observe I just left a gang of tho-oh wait. That is Regulate.

Once was a coal pit, but now it’s a water ride,
Makes you wanna sit back, enjoy the life,
And do things you like doing, get to shine.

Pumpkin Hill – “A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup”

Like Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’, but with more rap and less profanity, A Ghost Pumpkin’s Soup tells the continuing story of Knuckles digging into things with his, erm, knuckles, while our hero is constantly being spooked by ghosts and the wind, and pretty much everything. But it’s OK! He’s not really scared!

I ain’t gonna let it get to me, I’m just gonna creep,
Down in Pumpkin Hill I gots to find my lost piece.
I know that it’s here, I can sense it in my feet,
The great Emerald’s power allows me to feel.

Wild Canyon – “Kick the Rock”

Oh hell no! That Rouge (slightingly referred to as a “stitch”, rather than a “bitch” – PC gone mad) has gone done stolen the emeralds and Knuckles ain’t happy. This track sounds a little like Beastie Boys’ Sure Shot with sax, and you can be sure that when it comes to getting his emeralds back, Knuckles can’t and won’t and don’t stop.

Ain’t nobody gon’ come here and eat my plate, no!
Yo what happened, my Emerald’s gone!
Somebody gonna get theirs quick, my word is born!
Who could’a did this, that stitch named Rouge!

Death Chamber – “Deeper”

What starts off sounding like a remix of the Sonic CD Palm Tree Panic Good Future theme, turns into a sax-laden Fun Lovin Criminals lost track. Rapping is on the down-low as much of the track is instrumental, bar the Death Chamber chanting. Knuckles also finally decides to work with Sonic to take down Eggman. For justice!

Eggman wants to steal our soul, keep the Emeralds and build a throne
(Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber)
Not if I can help at all
I will not let him take it over

Meteor Herd – “Space Trip Steps”

A definite space feel to this final Knuckles Rap, with theremin warbling and shooting star noises. It borrows from Salt N Pepa’s 80’s hit Push It for the background, and tells the story of Knuckles floating around looking for emeralds, which he has, again, lost. It’s them hands of his I think, great for digging but ain’t no use for holding stuff.

Took a shuttle to space, and left from our home
At least we’re with friends, and I’m not all alone
Bad thing was, that the Emerald spilled
Got to search space, man, time to get in

So which is best?

Aw, don’t make me choose. Oh, I have to choose? Well, it’s Pumpkin Hill. Any song with the lyric “Had to back ’em up with the fist, metal crack ’em” has to win, right?

The Bugs of Fallout 4: Part 2

Looks like nobody called Rentokil

Hello! I’m back with more Bugs of Fallout 4! Who’d have thought there were enough of them to fill two blog posts? Well, me actually. You haven’t even seen the ones I didn’t get a chance to capture. So many bugs.

Let’s begin with this dead Brotherhood soldier. Oh wait! He’s not dead! Or is he?

Then there’s Trashcan Carla, who has packed herself up inside one of her cases:

The roof of the CIT ruins is where Michael Jackson once performed Billie Jean:

Have you ever had one of those conversations that just goes round in circles? Father has.

This Seeing Through Walls power is great. Or would be, if it was real, rather than it just be a guy clipping through a garage door:

While on a trip over Boston in a Vertibird, I noticed this frightening looking black hole. You’d think they’d have at least painted over it with some textures or something, right?

And finally, for now, the return of a Fallout 4 Bugs Favourite: Levitating objects! This time, a couple of Railway Spikes just hovering around:

The Bugs of Fallout 4

No, not the bloatflies and radroaches.

Fallout 4: Another Bethesda game on its old, creaking Gamebryo engine, another round of bugs. It’s funny how some, like floating corpses and item duplication seem to happen in every one of their titles even having been patched out in previous games.

Thankfully, so far, I’ve not encountered anything too game breaking and in the updates the game has had already many are now gone. However, these still occurred:

At first, I thought I was stepping into the light, but no – it’s a room transition bug!

There’s a haunted pub called The Shamrock in the game. Except it’s not haunted. Only it is.

Also haunted is this water pump in one of my settlements. OoooOOOOOOoooOO!

And this feral ghoul roamer might be dead… or undead? And seemingly possessed by a fish? In a church?!

Finally, a trinity of levitating objects. You’d think simply applying gravity to the object models would sort them out, yes? No. Here’s a skeleton:

Some rubble:

And this outstanding rifle, which not only levitates but moves up and down. Creepy.

Next gen gaming is nearly here!

Well, it’s the next console I’ll be buying, anyway. I’ve literally zero interest in the PS4 and Xbox One. I’m slightly surprised at myself actually, as I secretly thought I might be by now.

Anyway, the Retron 5 is coming Real Soon Now, with the current release date set as April. Sadly, there have already been a few delays (it was originally supposed to be last October), but lets hope it meets this one, yes?

Sonic 3 & Knuckles speed run

I found this video recently, which I watched in disbelief. The number of times I’ve played this game. The hours put in. And yet, I never stumbled across any of the massive game breaking bugs exploited here to get such an incredibly quick completion time.

I think I’d struggle to do just Sonic 3 in 45 minutes, let alone Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Mind you, I’d struggle to contain my lunch if I was forced to play as Tails…

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