Link to the Past 2

OK, it’s not officially called that (yet, at least), but this is the most exciting Zelda related thing since Minish Cap. And that was TEN YEARS AGO. Finally, a proper 2D Zelda game, ironically, in 3D. NEED.

Gem’X – I Love You

You know Destroy My Gems? You don’t of course.

Happy Christmas!

Christmas is rubbish, but this, is not:

Happy Christmas!

Amazing eShop update this week!

Come on, Nintendo! Mole Mania? Where’s Sakura Samurai and The Denpa Men?


Unit Lost: A very short Arduino demo

Here’s the code:


Skyrim Louis Letrush bug

After stealing a horse for Louis Letrush many hours ago in Skyrim, I noticed half-a-Louis near the stables outside Whiterun. He seemed to be stuck in the ground. It was odd, sure, but this sort of thing is reasonably common in games like this.

However, a few hours later I was walking past Whiterun again, and, well – watch.