New Laptop PSU Designs

I ordered two generic laptop PSUs from CPC last week. Staff at work have a tendency to misplace their own power supplies, so we keep a stock of multi-purpose ones. It seems that they didn’t have any of the model I ordered in stock, and on the packing sheet said they had replaced it for a direct equivalent. The direct equivalent for a laptop power supply being this:

Virtually Indestructible Keyboard

Or so it says. We’ve just bought some small footprint keyboards at work for use where the current small footprint keyboards keep being broken. You know, keys snapped off, that sort of thing.

So this is one of the keyboards we’re trialling. I mean, it even says “Virtually Indestructible” on it, so it must be pretty sturdy, yes? And it bends! Sadly, it’s crap. The rubber holding the “keys” on is about half a micron thick, and you can easily pierce it with a blunt fingernail let alone the myriad of lethal weaponry children carry around with them these days. I’d give it, oooh, an hour in the classroom?

Surname Musings

As part of my job as a systems manager, I’m often looking at long lists of names of people who are on the network. When I originally set the network up, I decided to put half the 1300+ users on one server, and half on the other, to reduce the load and stuff. My criteria on how the split was to be done was by surname.

And so it came to pass that surnames A-M are on one server, and surnames M-Z are on the other.

When it was first set up this way, I realised that it wasn’t a true 50-50 split. In fact, it was more like 60-40 in favour of A-M. If I’d have sat down and actually counted, I’d have known that, but it didn’t really matter. Of course, you can see why this is the case, as not so many people have surnames starting with letters like U, X and Z. However, the sheer number of Smiths have some sort of balancing factor, so 60-40 isn’t all that bad, and so I kept the system with this split.

That was almost five years ago. In that time, 95% of the users have left, and so compared to then, virtually all of the users have “replaced”. And here’s the odd thing – the split is still in favour of the A-M users, but bizarrely it’s more like 80-20. Not only that, but we now have twice as many Smiths as we had five years ago, and fewer Browns. I’m at a loss as to how to explain it.