Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

Apparently, Mr Larry Bodine had a bit of trouble with his brand new dual-G5 Power Mac. I’m not surprised, as most of what it supposedly came installed with simply doesn’t exist. His tirade against Apple is somewhat lacking in facts, and he seems unsure as to what actual software he’s running.

In one paragraph, he states he’s struggled along with Internet Explorer 5.0, but in another he’s using Tiger’s widgets. The killer is, IE5.0 won’t run on, and doesn’t come with, Tiger.

He also blasts Office for Mac saying it lacks features of the Windows version, but the only feature he can name is also missing from the Windows version. Silly man.

Legal Technology – Commentary: Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

I’ve emailed him with a few “corrections”. Lets see if he replies. I bet he won’t, as he’ll be swamped by real hardline Mac users…

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

I had to install the Edexcel “Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Key Skills Onscreen Testing” software today, and although irritating to set up, it seems to have gone well. On the Exambase website, where you set up exams and candidates for the software, I accidently clicked Submit twice on the Edit Exam screen, and this message came up:

Literacy, eh? Ace.

New Play-Asia delivery shinies!

Hurrah! Two games arrived for me today – Densetsu no Stafi 4, and Capcom Classics Mini Mix. Also got some bizarre Hello Kitty sweets to bump the order up to $50 (so I could get $5 off).

And two more $5 vouchers! BEST. Although, it does mean I need to order something else. Twice. Bah.

The Guts of the Wii Nunchuk

In traditional style, new hardware is dismantled and displayed on a website in some sort of technology snuff porn. They seem to be disappointed that there wasn’t some sort of pot of gold, the Holy Grail, or a cure for cancer inside.

The Guts of the Wii Nunchuk – Gameworld Network news story

In other news, Nintendo call it the “Nunchuk”, not “Nunchuck”. Please update your brains accordingly.

Brown’s Arctic Monkeys admission

Does anyone really actually care if politicians like “popular music” or not? Does it matter if Gordon Brown said he likes the band, then can’t name any songs? I like Editors, and even have their album, but can I name any of their tracks? No.

They should just stop trying to be “down wid da kidz” and stay away from all that sort of thing.

BBC NEWS | UK | Brown’s Arctic Monkeys admission

Sony: Nintendo is losing audience, not expanding it

Won’t the Sony lie-spewing machine ever stop? “And if you look at the adoption rate of the DS over the first 17 months, not only does it trail the PSP but it also trails their other platforms“. Oh my.

Do they even realise the rubbish they come out with sometimes?

:: Sony: Nintendo is losing audience, not expanding it – Joystiq