Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-06-26

Tap that.

Not often I buy and complete a game in a single weekend. Even if said game is only an hour long. But here we are.


Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
So the gang is all together, sort of, and I’ve completed the first mission as the three of them. A not at all far-fetched episode where Trevor flies a helicopter that Michael rappels out of so he can smash through a window of a tower block, while Franklin provides covering fire with a sniper rifle. Pretty standard GTA then. And then this happened to Michael:

So, er, yeah.

Minecraft: Story Mode (PS4)
I played and completed the remainder of this over the past week. If you’ve read my Gaming Diary you’ll be aware of my thoughts already, but basically – not a terrible game, but absolutely not the graphical adventure title I was expecting and far too full of QTEs. QTEs which I always find too difficult on a PlayStation controller because I don’t know which button is which. All done now.

Kamiko (Switch)
With some store credit and a sale, I picked up some eShop Yen from Play-Asia. With it I bought Kamiko and Plantera DX for essentially thirty pence each. I was going to get Kamiko anyway, as I’d enjoyed Fairune and as it turns out, it’s really pretty good! Short, but that’s not an issue. Especially for 30p, anyway. I completed it, of course.

Plantera DX (Switch)
And this, which is a simple clicker style game where you have a farm full of deformed animals. There’s very little to it, but it’s cheerful and cute and difficult to put down. Which is odd really, because once you’ve bought a few upgrades it’s actually better to put it down and stop playing for a while, because it plays itself. Currently on level 60. I don’t know what level it goes up to, but there’s an achievement for reaching 100, so at least that.


Same as before:

Sonic Mania (Switch)
Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)
Mario Odyssey (Switch)
Golf Story (Switch)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Switch)
Metroid II: Samus Returns (3DS)


Hands. As always. Minecraft: Story Mode not being what I thought it would be.


Kamiko (Switch) – 30p
Plantera DX (Switch) – 30p

Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.15

Sounds amazing

I’ve implemented a few major changes since my last update on this. First up, is the new ufocat – it flies left or right across the top of the screen, and awards the player with 25 shiny points should it be shot.

Once I’d programmed that in, though, I realised how badly it needed the ewewewewewewew noise too, so set about creating some sound effects. Blips and bloops and CRSSSHSHHSes. You might want to turn your speakers off.

As an aside, and just to show process and stuff, here’s my spritesheet:

Like all good games, you’ll notice some unused sprites.

Things still to do include some sort of pause when the player dies, and perhaps tweak the difficulty a bit because can I get past level 5? Can I hell. And it’s my bloody game.

Can you beat level 5?

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Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.11

Wrong on so many Levels.

Exciting things have happened! I figured out how to make tables inside tables inside tables, and having made use of it like this:

I was able to create 20 different levels, with different layouts. I had to modify my invader creation routine:

See that #levels[level][row][col] notation? That’s the clever bit I was trying to get my head round. Very pleased with this.

In addition, I’ve modified the player sprite, changed the title and Game Over screen, and implemented three different cats that fire at different rates and speeds.

The upshot of all this, is I have what could be considered a finished game. There’s still no sound, of course, and there’s some tidying up to do with things. And I haven’t done the UFO either. But, it’s nearly there and – bugs notwithstanding – fully playable!

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Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-06-19

Adventureless adventure.

Hot, isn’t it? Too hot to go outside. Best stay indoors in the dark playing video games.


Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
That Trevor is a bit, er, affected. Isn’t he? Within seconds of taking control of him he stamped on a man’s head until he was dead. Lovely bloke. No, wait. The other thing. I’m actually not enjoying playing as him at all, so spent a while finding things to jump off on a bike. That, and I took him as far north and out to sea as the game would let me, then this happened:

Oh Trevor what a shame.

Lego City Undercover (Switch)
Crashing six times an hour is really, really making this hard to play. It seems a lot more stable in levels, when replaying in Free Play mode, but in the open world bit I’m getting 15 minutes, tops, before a crash. I don’t lose much progress, but having to load the game again each time is a pain.

Unravel (PS4)
Which I completed, and wrote a lot more about here. It was lovely.

Nekopara Vol. 0 (PC)
A visual novel about catgirls. I think. Literally nothing happens, you have no control over the non-events, and it was uncomfortable playing. How old are these catgirls? What does their “master” use them for? Who is their master anyway? Why did I waste 45 minutes completing this? All these questions, and more, to go unanswered for the rest of eternity.

Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog (PC)
And then there’s this nonsensical pile of I don’t know what. Far more entertaining and interesting (and less worrying) than Nekopara, though. I completed this too, twice, although didn’t get the best ending. I did, however, murder the jury in the trial. Incredible.

Minecraft: Story Mode (PS4)
In which I completed the first four episodes. It isn’t a terrible game, despite the story not interesting me. I’m not into Minecraft, so that might be why. This wouldn’t normally kill a game, but the story pretty much is the game. Unlike previous Telltale Games adventures, there’s no actual game. Almost no puzzles, for starters – unless you count those you are literally told the answer to, or those that are literally “pull all these levers”. The majority of the time is spent doing QTEs, which really isn’t what I want in a graphical adventure game.


Sonic Mania (Switch)
Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)
Mario Odyssey (Switch)
Golf Story (Switch)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Switch)
Metroid II: Samus Returns (3DS)


Hands. Games that aren’t and aren’t fun even though they aren’t. Games that crash all the time.


£10 on 7 Skylanders (for Skylanders Superchargers).
£15 on HYRULE WARRIORS LEGENDS (3DS) because I wanted a second copy.

Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.07


I’ve done some more! There’s almost a game to play! Catsssss!

There’s still a fair amount to be done here, but aside from not dealing with what happens when the catvaders reach the bottom of the screen, it’s actually playable.

I’ve implemented levels, with a bonus score for completing each one. Also, every consecutive level increases the frequency of catvader fire.

You’ll also notice I’ve some “shield” bases too, which can be destroyed by both friendly and enemy fire. Speaking of fire, catvaders have some now. Player “bullets” are also smaller than before, and look a bit better as a result.

Things still left to do:

  1. Sort the catvaders at the bottom issue.
  2. Speed up player bullets.
  3. Speed up catvaders as their number decreases.
  4. Implement some sort of flying saucer.
  5. Sound.
  6. Music.
  7. Make a proper title screen.
  8. Make a proper game over screen.
  9. Make a proper player sprite.

Anyhoo, have a go at the latest “build” below:

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Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-06-12

E3 to be whatever I
Whatever I choose
And I’ll sing the blues if I want

Oh, E3 started? Or rather, the Pre-E3 stuff did. PrE3. Or something. Only seen Ubisoft and Microsoft presentations so far and… meh.


Lego City Undercover (Switch)
Much as I love this game, I think I’m going to have to stop playing. For some reason, even though it was relatively bug-free when playing two player story mode, now we’re “free roaming” it crashes every ten minutes. And that’s not even an exaggeration – the game will lock up 5 or 6 times an hour, requiring a restart. It’s becoming unbearable and incredibly frustrating. It seems the main trigger is using the scanner, but it isn’t exclusive to that. Shame.

Unravel (PS4)
Unravel was very cheap many months ago, and I bought it then. I played the first level, enjoyed it, then didn’t touch it for no specific reason. I started playing it again this weekend and it is very lovely indeed. I think I’ve two levels left, although I’m hoping there are a few more because I don’t really want it to finish just yet!

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
Somewhat late to the party, especially since I bought it ages ago, I started GTAV now Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is out of the way. Wow is there a lot of swearing. Like, a lot. I know it’s GTA and all but good grief. And the N word in every sentence. It doesn’t bother me, but it was still a shock. Anyway, the game itself is fun. Or would be, if I played the game itself. Instead, I’m Taking Bikes Where Bikes Don’t Go (a perennial GTA favourite), Driving On The Train Tracks, and Stealing Tractors. The GTA Playground is excellent. Story? Yeah, I’ll do that eventually. Once I’ve photographed all the toilets.


Nothing at E3 thus far has tempted me. In fact, the footage from Assassin’s Creed Origins has actually put me off a bit. So I’m still here with Sonic Mania (Switch) and Golf Story (Switch). Oh, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (Switch) because it looks incredible.


Much of E3’s output so far. Am I getting old, or are games homogenising in to something generic and dull? They all look the same.

And my hands, of course.


79p on the bottom tier of the Humble Sekai Project Bundle.

Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.03

Pew pew. And mew mew.

Yes, you are right: I haven’t done any gamedev stuff in ages. So here’s something I’ve prodded at recently but have had in my head for a while – a totally unnecessary Space Invaders clone.

I thought it would be good to figure out how to write one, with all the fun routines for updating all the invaders at once, having multiple bullets, and so on. It’s a bit easier to work on a “how” when you already know where you’re ending up!

To speed things along, I’m reusing the assets from my “Cat. And Sometimes, Dogs” game from a few months ago. If you need some rationale for this besides laziness, pretend it’s a sequel or something.

So far, I’ve managed to make the invaders (cats) march towards the bottom of the screen and also fire up to three shots at any one time. There’s a lot left to do, but it’s amazing how much code I could reuse from other projects. I suppose that’s a thing with gamedev though, isn’t it.

Here’s when I made a bit of a mistake:


See if you can tell what went wrong there. If you want to have a play on a more working version, with no collision detection, then see below!

Games Museum content update

Whenever I buy one of those humongous Humble Bundles I sometimes think: At some point, I’ve got to add all these to my game museum database and that is going to be a right old pain in the backside. And you know what? It was. But, I’ve done it. I’ve also added everything else I’ve…

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