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Atari Lynx II

Atari Lynx

My Atari Lynx History Apart from seeing an Atari Lynx behind glass in my tiny local games shop, my first experience with the handheld was back in 1992 when a friend brought his along on our German exchange school trip. I didn’t get a chance to play with it on the trip over, and neither did he for very long – the batteries didn’t even last until the ferry port and it wasn’t until he bought some more while we were in Germany that I had a turn. It was a long time before I owned a handheld games console, but I’d already played on a Game Boy and a Game Gear, so I had something to compare it to. The overwhelming difference: size. The...



Finally! An online version of my classic roleplaying game RSG. Yes, yes you do want to play it.


There Can Be Only OneStation

I’m a sucker for gaming tat, so it was no surprise that as soon as the OneStation was shown to me, I bought one. And five game cartridges. After an agonising three week wait, it finally arrived from Hong Kong. Missing one cartridge. However, as will be revealed, that doesn’t actually matter. But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself! You all want to know… What the hell is a OneStation? Until it arrived, I wasn’t really sure. It appeared to be a handheld console that played emulated versions of console games. Which console games, and from which consoles, wasn’t exactly clear. After all, the box shows both Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. Confusing! Let me reveal it to you, then. The OneStation FC3000 (the specific...

Game Boy Advance 1

Top 10 Game Boy Advance Games

Ah, the Game Boy Advance. To many, a portable SNES without enough buttons to effectively be a portable SNES, and one with a screen invisible in all but the glow of a 100W lightbulb. That didn’t stop it from having arguably the best catalogue of games of any system, however, and with the lit screen of the GBA SP (further refined in the GB Micro), it became and remains my favourite handheld ever. And I loved my DS and 3DS a lot. The Top 10 10 Soundvoyager One of the “bit Generations” series of experimental games, and the best of them all (no easy feat, as they’re all pretty special). It’s a simple premise – steer your ship between two markers, rather like a ski slalom, but...


Top 10 Mega Drive Games

Of every games console or computer I’ve ever owned, the Sega Mega Drive is probably my favourite. It was my first console, and the one I own most games for. It also saw me through most of university, despite the N64, Saturn and PS1 all having just come out – I obviously didn’t have any money to buy them. It wasn’t until the end of 1999 that I bought something newer, meaning I’d had a full 8 years of Megadriving. And hundreds of games. The Top 10 10 Wiz ‘n’ Liz Mostly forgotten two player platformer. There’s very little to the main game – collect rabbits. Sorry, wabbits. But the wabbits give you items, and these items can be mixed in a pot between levels...


Irritating and Unnecessary Gaming Clichés

I’ve been gaming for a long time. This is obvious to anyone who has perused the rest of my site (the Gaming Diary and Museum both give clues to this). I’ve played a lot of games. Hundreds. Thousands, in fact. It would be naïve to assume that, having played so many games, gaming ideas are only ever used once, and so each game is an entirely unique experience. This is, of course, not true. Some things come up all the time in games. Obviously, most games have a scoring system. Most have a number of lives (which, traditionally, seems to be three, for no well-explained reason). Many have a system of levels, each following on from the last. These, however, are generally what makes a...


Gameking – Best Handheld Evaar

On the 10th November 2004, I ordered a Gameking handheld, and 13 games, from A couple of days later, the whole lot arrived. And what a truly fantastic bit of kit it is. As you can see from the picture, the Gameking is very similar to a standard Game Boy Advance. Very similar. In fact, aside from the words and start/select button locations, almost identical. Don’t be fooled, however, as there are some quite major differences. Firstly, there’s a reset button on the front of the Gameking, and secondly, the screen is much smaller and much lower resolution: something like 64×48 monocolour pixels. If that. Also unlike the GBA, the Gameking has three built-in games, accessible from a menu which appears if you turn...


Banned from NOE Forums

deKay’s Nintendo Forums Wrangle Introduction Nintendo of Europe (NOE) have a website at On this site, they have a set of forums – open to all registered users (such as myself). As is common with most web-based forums, you can set yourself a “sig file”, which is appended to the bottom of each post you make. Prior to 6th November 2002, my sig read something similar to: deKay editor of the free videogames magazine “ugvm” On the 6th November 2002, I received this email: Hi Andy (DeKay), Thanks for using the forums as we’ve seen you make good posts, however Nintendo have asked me to inform you to remove any advertisements that are in your emails or signatures. Unfortunately this is one of the...