Pikmin 2

Finished the dungeon I was in, racking up to 64% debt repaid in the process. Collected loads of Bulborb Pikmin thingies whilst I was down there too, although when I finished the dungeon, they didn’t follow me out. Shame, since they’re everything-proof, it seems. Had a bit of a hard time with the boss of the cave; some huge great slug Bulborb Queen thing, that kept spewing mini-Bulborbs out of her arse, and rolling around flattening everything (mostly my Pikmin). She was defeated eventually though.

Not a great record for the day, sadly, with so many dead Pikmin. Made up for it a bit though by growing some 200 more. Also went over to the third level and did a bit of killing and exploring in the water with my Blue Pikmin.

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