Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Finally figured out just which person in the village I needed to speak to, and it was off to the west of the map to find some old codger. He sent me off into a dungeon to find a pendant, so off I went.

Pretty standard Zelda stuff in there, although there was no mid-boss. I’m becoming slightly frustrated at the sword mechanics in this version too. Your sword reach is pretty limited, and you can’t change direction as easily as other Zelda games, meaning it is harder to both hit and avoid. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

The weapon in the dungeon was the Bow, and along with some arrows (obviously), I make short work of the end boss. Not that I think I needed them, for a change, it just seemed easier that way. I picked up an extra heart too, as well as the pendant, so at least that part of Zelda Lore is intact.

Back to the old man, and he gives me Pegasus Boots (which let me run, not fly) and sends me off to the other two pendants. I stop at the village on the way to the first, and bomb a few walls and find a few rupees. I also found a house with a mini-game in the garden – get to the end of a maze in under 15 seconds. I managed it in 12, and won a piece of heart.


  1. That depends on whether the map actually has North as Up, of course. It is a KNOWN FACT that all Zelda games prior to Ocarina of Time had North as Down[1].

    This is because Zelda comes from Japan, where all maps are drawn this way[2].

    [1] May be a lie.
    [2] See [1].


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