Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Dungeon 8 is teh winned. The mid-boss wasn’t so bad after I realised you only had to hit him once in his “fire” form, and could do the rest of the damage in his “ice” form, making him much easier.

The rest of the dungeon was pretty straightforward, with a strange “chuck ice down holes” bit near the end. That done, and it was on to the end boss. Who was really easy. I just watched his patterns for the first time, and then on my second attempt killed him without any problems.

Back to the Maku Tree with the final Essence of Nature, and he gave me some big orb thing, which allowed me into the final dungeon. I assume its the last one anyway – I ran up against Onox, the end of game boss. Unless there’s a Ganon here too. Probably (although Minish Cap didn’t have one either, and there’s no Zelda in this one…).

Anyway, I went into the dungeon, killed a few baddies, and it was on to Onox. I died, since I only figured out how to damage him when I had only one heart left. Rubbish. At least I’ll know for next time now.

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