ToeJam and Earl (Wii): COMPLETED!

ToeJam and Earl (Wii): COMPLETED!

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Just squeezing in at the end of the year is this, my 45th completed title of 2006.

I got as far as Level 24, and was knocked down accidentally to Level 23, so I decided to keep falling until I reached 17 to see if there was a ship piece I’d missed – and there was. Found that, then dropped all the way to Level 1, used an innertube to swim to the island in the bottom left, dropped to Level 0 from there, got another life (just as well, as I had only one left), then returned to 24 again. On 25 I got myself two more lives (one from a promotion to Funk Lord, the other in a present), and then went up to 26 and found the final piece.

And then it was over! I did the “bonus” level back on Funkotron (which isn’t really a level as such), and then reset the game. Aces.


  1. You obviously have far too much time on your hands. If completing 45 games is your biggest achievement this year, then you must be one sad and lonely individual. I use the word completing but what you are really doing is reaching the end of a game as soon as possible. You are not exploring or accomplishing all that a game has to offer.

  2. Oh ignore moaning minny. Like me, he’s just jealous of your gaming achievements (and in my case, how much time you find for gaming!).
    Well done, deKay, I knew you could do it. I REALLY should get TJ&E, it was easily my fav game back on the MegaDrive.


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