Viva Pinata (360)

Viva Pinata (360)

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After getting all the variants of my Roarios, and sending some of them away, I moved over to my Water Garden and proceeded to empty it of almost every tree, plant and pinata. Then I dug a pond which was about 70% of the area of the garden, and planted stacks of bullrushes, water lillies and water cress. The reason? To tempt in a Chippotamus – the only pinata remaining that I hadn’t had resident.

Pretty soon one appeared, and then I sent off for another, and then Master Romanced them. This took me to Level 86, but some variants made of them, and then Cocoadiles, Quackberries and Juicygeese after that bumped me up to 87.

Sent some of my Chippos off to people, and now I’m about to start romancing Cocoadiles – hence the Quackberries (which I’m turning to Juicygeese)…

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