Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge (GB)

Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge (GB)

No sooner was the first GB Castlevania over and done with, I moved straight onto the sequel. And guess what? It’s ace. Not Aria of Sorrow ace, or even Super Castlevania IV ace, but it’s certainly waaaaay better than The Castlevania Adventure. Yeah, so it’s still slow (although not quite as slow), but it’s easier (so far), not jerky, has more detailed graphics and there aren’t any pixel-perfect jumps! BEST.

You have four castles to tackle, before moving on to a fifth, housing (I assume) Dracula. I’ve already completed the first four, finding them fun to play and not console-smashingly impossible, and the bosses are much better too.

And the game has a password system, so I can stop and continue later. Which I will do!

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  1. Awsome Castlevania game. Indeed mutch better then the first one (for the Game Boy at least).

    The password system is great indeed. I’m also now at the fifth castle. Quite nasty boss out there.

    Awsome sound track, awsome graphics & verry playable.

    Great to see that there are still people who are playing classic Game Boy games… and NES games, etc.

    Peter van de Beek
    The Netherlands.

    Peter van de Beek

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