Touch Detective (DS)

Touch Detective (DS)

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Sunday night is turning into Start A New Game night for me, it seems. Last week it was Hotel Dusk, and today it’s Touch Detective.

First impressions, then: Bizarre. It’s a point and click adventure, with a very odd setting. The first detective case you get, for instance, is about you trying to find the thief who steals dreams. Yes, that’s what I said.

The humour is great too, but mostly lost for people who don’t look at the top screen while playing – that’s where Mackenzie (the main character) has her “thoughts” – basically a sort of commentary on what is going on. Or something entirely separate, like the “my tea is cold” thing she thinks about when trying to interview a victim.

The game is full of totally bizarre characters, not least your pet mushroom, or the chicken landlady (everyone else so far is human – or at least, a close approximation). And your butler is creepy to the point where you really wonder if he should be sharing a house with a young girl. Anyway…

In terms of how much I’ve played, I’m only part two of the first case. I don’t know how many parts there are, so have no way of knowing how far into the game that is.


  1. this will sound stupid but i can’t seem to do it… How do you restart the game because i already have a touch detective save file and want to start a new game 🙂


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