Golden Axe (360): COMPLETED!

Golden Axe (360): COMPLETED!

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It’s another 400 point Sega game, also arriving on XBLA today. And I completed it on my first go. As the woman, whose name I’ve forgotten. I keep wanting to say “Blaze”, but that’s Streets of Rage.

The bosses in this are just as easy as I remember. Dash attacks make short work of them, provided you can time everything right, but having other baddies floating around at the same time complicate matters. I think I lost 15 lives overall, but 5 of them were from falling off bridges because the screen didn’t scroll fast enough or I respawned in front of a baddie who walloped over the edge instantly. I played through it a bit with the other two characters then, but didn’t complete it with either.

OH! Tyris Flare!

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