Super Random Saturn Game Festival Of Strange (Saturn)

Super Random Saturn Game Festival Of Strange (Saturn)

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I fished out a load more Saturn games this evening. They included 2DO Arukotowa Sandoahru, which is a totally bizarre Wario Ware sort of game. You have to do lots of strange minigames to defeat foes. Things like Match The Easter Island Heads (why to the Japanese love Easter Island heads in their strange games?), Shoot The Meat In Half To Feed Two Lions, and The Fish Game That I Have No Idea How To Play. It’s fantastic, and seems to star close relations to Mobo and Robo from Bonanza Bros. Obscure!

Also, I played Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, and a couple of awful Dragonball Z-that’s-Zed-not-Zee titles. Amazing.

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