Gauntlet (360)

Gauntlet (360)

There’s a sale on at XBLA at the moment (although it’s only two days long), with Gauntlet reduced to just 200 points. Rude not to, eh?

It’s a lot harder than I recall. So hard, in fact, that in single player I think Level 8 is impossible, with Questor at least. You can continue as many times as you like, but you’re returned to the start of the level rather than just carry on. I know this is probably how it worked in the arcade, but it’s not this way either on the Spectrum, nor on Gauntlet IV on the Megadrive, both of which I’ve spent millions of hours on.

However, I’ve managed to get the achievements for high scores for each character, and then set about playing online. This makes things much easier, and I soon picked up the “Bling” (collect 10 chests) and the Anti-Thief (uh, kill a thief) achievements. Unfortunately, I was playing with idiots for most games, and so didn’t complete Level 10 for another achievement.

On the occasion when I wasn’t playing with idiots, the three other guys were all Japanese. I suspect they’re the three Japanese Xbox 360 owners. They were good, but on Level 8 there’s a warp where you have to press down on the pad to direct your rematerialisation to be below the “receiving” warp, otherwise you go round in circles. Sadly, they couldn’t figure this out, and so the discussion went along the lines of:

Me: Uh, Warrior wa nihonjin desu ka (Warrior is Japanese?)
Them: Hai! Wa-re-o-ru! (Yes! Warrior!)
Me: Um, you need to press down
Them: [something I can’t understand]

Warrior then warps incorrectly.

Me: Iie! (No!)
Them: Yoshu desu ne! (I have no idea what this means)
Me: Down! Puresu dawonu!
Them: Wakaranai! (I don’t understand, as in, that’s what he said)
Me: Down!

And so on. Eventually, Warrior warps, but in the mean time the other two have died. Then we all got to Level 10 and died because no-one knew where to go. Gah!


  1. Man, the only achievements I don’t have are the 4 character high scores… My high score table is crazy – they are all the same 16 million odd score by someone called ‘ZZZ’. I don’t think I’ll ever beat that to get the achievements… 🙁


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