Bioshock (360)

Bioshock (360)

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Ran through Arcadia, killed a few more Rosies (are they really Big Daddies?) and rescued a couple more Little Sisters. Ryan decided it’d be good to kill all the plants in the area, so I had to find some ingredients with which to create a formula to revive them all.

This meant finding the Farmers Market, and an area past it where there were lots of bees, seaching their nests for stuff, then finding a wine factory where I had to get some distilled water. Made it back to the lab where I could administer the Lazarus formula to bring plants back from the dead, and then moved on to Fort Frolic.

Also managed to upgrade my pistol today, as well as find a chemical gun, make use a loads of “U-Invent” stations to build things, and increase the numbers of slots I have in my tonic “tracks” for more power-ups.

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