Rez HD (360)

Rez HD (360)

Straight in, no trial, no testing, no hesitation – I just paid for and downloaded the full game. And? It’s crap.


No, it’s great. It’s just like the PS2 version I have, only with three main differences:

  1. I don’t have to use that awful PS2 pad.
  2. It’s slightly better looking.
  3. It sounds AMAZING.

Admittedly, one of those things could be solved by the Dreamcast version, and another by plugging my PS2 into my new surround sound system, so I’ve not really gained a huge amount by waiting for the XBLA version. But that matters not!

It is harder than I recall, as I couldn’t get onto Level 2 on my first go, and died on the Level 2 boss on my second go. Tch.

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